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Treating Grief and Loss Through Spiritualist Teachings

Have you lost a loved one? How to go about treating grief and loss will help you continue to live.  It will also help those around you give you the love and support you need. You miss them so much.  You miss seeing them.  You miss their physical presence, their touch, the smell, the feel of your loved one.  You miss hearing their voice. When someone leaves this physical plane, there is a real missing that can happen. There can be a deep sadness, an emptiness.  You can feel lost. All these feelings are very real.  Learning ways and understandings of [...]

About More Spirit Teachings and Lorraine

More Spirit Teachings for Unfoldment The GodForce that Spiritualists call Infinite Intelligence in love seeks to communicate with all living beings and to reveal more Spirit Teachings so that we can unfol and draw closer and closer to It. What Lorranie is doing with this blog is to draw together prominent, long-term Spiritualists and others who walk closely with Infinite Intelligence.  These people today have learned more spirit teachings and refined awareness of the teachings revealed in the past. The unfoldment purpose is to help each of our readers learn more about Natural Law, about the Spirit World and about [...]

About Spiritualism: The Philosophy, Science and Religion

Tell Me About Spiritualism? This blog is designed to inform people about spiritualism:  the philosopy, science and religion, and its benefits to them and to their lives.   Spiritualism is a Philosophy One thing we learn about this way of life from our Principles is the Philosophy.  This tells us that you have the opportunity during your life, both in the physical body and afterward in the spiritual realm, to connect with your highest and best self, the spark of the divine that connects you with Infinite Intelligence.  They guide you to unfold, to become all that you came to [...]
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