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Hard to See Through Veils Between Us and God

What does this mean? Does it mean we have to wait to get to understand and know God- whatever you name the GodForce- until we die?  There exist veils between us and God, that can be cleared for more connection. What if I show you that there are ways - wonderful ways - that we can lift the barriers that makes perception of God and eternal truth fuzzy and unclear? Let's begin by acknowledging that we are not simply born with knowing and relating to the Universe and the GodForce.  Over the millenia, people have sought to make sense of the [...]

How To Get Yourself Ready for Spring Cleaning Forward

Spring is Taking Its Time This Year Officially it’s Spring. In reality, we’re still getting wind and rain storms, blizzards and temperatures that are way too low. I’m hoping Mother Nature catches up with the calendar soon and sends us some more moderate weather. Until then, I have time to work on what it is I would like to manifest during this season of change.  It's time for the Spring Cleaning of the Spirit, Mind and Body. To manifest what I want in my life, I need to be mindful and aware of what I have, what needs to change [...]

The Magic Access of Meditation and Spiritual Connection

How to Have the Access for Meditation and Spiritual Connection Let’s begin with the reason why we want the connection with Spirit through meditation.  Meditation as a practice isn’t an end in itself.  I mean, being able to say," I am a Meditator" is not the goal here. The purpose is to gain access to Spirit through meditation and spiritual connection with the power and love and intelligence of the universe and harness it to help you with your best possible life. What is your goal? Is it more peace and calm in your life?  You can get relief from stress [...]
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