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About More Spirit Teachings and Lorraine

About More Spirit Teachings and Lorraine

light truth and awareness through spirit teachings

light truth and awareness through spirit teachings

More Spirit Teachings for Unfoldment

The GodForce that Spiritualists call Infinite Intelligence in love seeks to communicate with all living beings and to reveal more Spirit Teachings so that we can unfol and draw closer and closer to It.

What Lorranie is doing with this blog is to draw together prominent, long-term Spiritualists and others who walk closely with Infinite Intelligence.  These people today have learned more spirit teachings and refined awareness of the teachings revealed in the past.

The unfoldment purpose is to help each of our readers learn more about Natural Law, about the Spirit World and about our purpose here on earth.  The goal is to help as many individuals as possible find their truths to unfold and grow into being all they can be.

There are many practitioners of aspects of Spiritualism who immediately start teaching what they have learned, which is not so bad, unless they get focused on monetizing things like giving spirit messages, and just stop there.

Lorraine thinks that is not good for humanity or for the individual.

Lorraine has been a lifelong learner at the feet both of Spirit directly and of prominent and accomplished Spiritualists of modern times.  She has also studied the writings by and about past great Spiritualists.  Most importantly, she does not stop her learning process.  Nor do the contributors to this blog.

Lifelong is Eternal

Lifelong, to Lorraine, is from before we are born, throughout our physical life, and beyond in the life in Spirit.

young girl talking to dead people

young girl talking to dead people

She started talking with ‘dead people’ when she was a little child.  Lorraine’s grandmother advised her to keep it quiet, that people who talk to dead people needed to be private about those things.  Her Grandmother knew, because she also communicated with Spirit.

But Lorraine was a bit of a rebel.  Wait, a bit?  No, more than that!  The dead people she saw and talked with were as real to her as her Mom and Dad.  They still are.

Training and Certifications

Lorraine holds several certifications with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC).  She is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and a National Spiritualist Teacher.  She is certified as a Mental Medium.  She has channeled healing to many, but has not taken the testing for being designated a Commissioned Spiritualist Healer to date.  She is working on certification as a Physical Medium, with phenomena such as appearance of ectoplasm, table tipping and disembodied voice communication.

certifications in Spiritualism result from communication with Spirit for more Spirit teachings

certifications in Spiritualism result from communication with Spirit for more Spirit teachings

To get those certifications involves years of study, both within the course work of the Morris Pratt Institute, and by reading and practising and having affidavits of success from NSAC members.

She began reading tarot cards at 16.  She even studied for a time with Wikans, since they were nearby when she was a child.  She learned that they study only the Mother Earth side of Spiritualism and she wanted the whole picture.

Then she studied the Kabbalah with Jews, and they recommended her to a Spiritualist Church when they learned she spoke with dead people.  That was how she found Spiritualism, which became her homebase.

Lorraine has spent many years in mentorship circles with prominent Spiritualist teachers like Ida Donadio, AFS, of Swampscott, MA and Sharon Snowman, NSAC.  She is hungry for more and more Spirit teachings, and wants to share all that she and other seekers after Spirit have learned.

Three Near-Death Experiences

Lorraine had three additional experiences that tremendously deepened her knowledge of Spiritualism, and enhanced her communication with the Spirit side of life.

near death experience

near death experience

At 17, while a passenger in a car, another ran a red light, forcing part of her car through her face.  At the scene, others were removed from the car, while she was left alone as dead.  When she opened her eyes and asked for a cigarette, the EMT called for help and they cut her out.  That was Lorraine’s first near-death experience.

Next, a few weeks later, during one of her surgeries, she died on the table, only to awaken with a sheet over her face.  Her third near-death experience (NDE) was years later, when she died in a hospital of pneumonia.

In each, Spirits taught her new things about the spirit side of life.  In the first, Lorraine was shown the 7 planes of spiritual existence, with their lights and vibrations.  She learned in her second NDE, that each person when they transition to the spiritual side, is taken to the plane where they will be the most comfortable and able to continue to grow and learn.  That is why some see tunnels, others bright lights, others darkness.  It is not a punishment, it is always an opportunity to grow closer to Infinite Intelligence (NSAC), God, Love, whatever name you have for the highest and best.

In her 3rd NDE, she learned about life, growth, reincarnation, unfolding and eternal opportunity for redemption.  She also learned that there are no contracts about the next phase or opportunity for growth and unfolding.  That would take away free will, and is not part of the universal natural laws.

Learn Truth and Unfold to Become All That is Possible

Learn Truth and Unfold to Become All That is Possible

Passion to Help People Learn & Unfold

As a result of all her learning, past, present and future, Lorraine wants to teach what is true.  Mediumship exists not as an end in itself, as is taught by so many today.  One reason for this teaching is that people are able, with currently popular curiosities, to monetize their mediumship.

Lorraine has learned that mediumship – which is communication with the spirit plane – makes life easier.  It is not all about the messages, or even the healing.

Mediumship is communicating with Spirits, whether they be disembodied former physical beings, or Spirit Guides who have never had human form, or angels.  The purpose is to help people draw closer to LOVE.

As we overcome life’s challenges, we get the opportunity to draw closer to the Being of Love and Vibration, the Creator.  We get lessons on the physical side of life, and also classes on the spiritual plane.  They all have the same eternal purpose:  to help the person unfold to draw closer to the Loving Source of Energy and Light and Love.

On the spiritual plane, there may be lessons in love and compassion, teaching about energy healing and message giving.  On the physical plane, we get to put our lessons into practice in an atmosphere of often conditional love and acceptance.

Unfoldment:  Becoming Closer to Infinite Love & Intelligence

Lorraine’s dedication is to teach unfoldment lessons.  That is what this blog is about.  She writes what she has learned, and invites accomplished Spiritualists to share here as well.

It is a fantastic site to explore and learn the lessons life has for you, with a focus on truth and on enabling you to be all you are meant to be in this lifetime.  Join us.  Subscribe on the right for notifications of new posts.  Join our email list by subscribing to our newsletter, and get a FREE Ebook on the Law of Attraction.

Visit often, and share your comments.  Let’s learn and grow and unfold together on this life adventure.

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