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The Benefits of Methods of Spiritual Healing

There are many methods of spiritual healing that have been used over the millennia.  They all share the common attributes of seeking healing on a spiritual level for ailments that may be felt in the body or psyche. Methods of Spiritual Healing Work WITH Physical and Mental Healing Some teachings in our world would indicate that turning to God, or Infinite Intelligence as we call God in Spiritualism, precludes also seeking medical and/or psychological help for ailments. These teachings sometimes say that going to a doctor is showing lack of faith, and that healing comes only with faith. This is [...]

Does Spiritual Healing Strike a Balance?

Spiritual Healing Intrigues Me I find how the balance between science and religion has shifted over the centuries gives me insight into the workings of Spirit.  That helps me know, grow and unfold to be the higher self I am designed to become. Let me share some thoughts about the history of the balance of science and religion with you...perhaps they will help you in your journey, too. For instance:  the balance has shifted in ways of treating a person’s illness holistically versus specifically, medicinally and scientifically has shifted. Aspects of Ancient Healing Being Restored Holistic treatment of illness was [...]

Treating Grief and Loss Through Spiritualist Teachings

Have you lost a loved one? How to go about treating grief and loss will help you continue to live.  It will also help those around you give you the love and support you need. You miss them so much.  You miss seeing them.  You miss their physical presence, their touch, the smell, the feel of your loved one.  You miss hearing their voice. When someone leaves this physical plane, there is a real missing that can happen. There can be a deep sadness, an emptiness.  You can feel lost. All these feelings are very real.  Learning ways and understandings of [...]
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