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Hard to See Through Veils Between Us and God

Hard to See Through Veils Between Us and God

Veils between us and God exist - we can learn to see clearly

Veils between us and God exist – we can learn to see clearly

What does this mean?

Does it mean we have to wait to get to understand and know God- whatever you name the GodForce- until we die?  There exist veils between us and God, that can be cleared for more connection.

What if I show you that there are ways – wonderful ways – that we can lift the barriers that makes perception of God and eternal truth fuzzy and unclear?

Let’s begin by acknowledging that we are not simply born with knowing and relating to the Universe and the GodForce.  Over the millenia, people have sought to make sense of the world and its challenges, and to understand the purpose of their existence.

many religions have arisen to help draw closer to God and to understanding the purpose of life

many religions have arisen to help draw closer to God and to understanding the purpose of life

Many Theories Have Arisen

Religions, mysteries, rituals, sacrifices, and belief systems and practices of all kinds have arisen.  A few have adopted the belief system that there is no GodForce at all, that all begins and ends with man (and woman) kind.  Most over history and still today, believe there is a Higher Power, called by many different names.

I am a Spiritualist, and we call the GodForce Infinite Intelligence.  We believe It to be be Pure, Unconditional Love.  We, as do so many, seek to know Infinite Intelligence, to tap into Its Wisdom and Love.


What I have learned through Spiritualism is part of how to remove the Veils between us and God that keeps us from clarity in this seeking.

The Kaballah

In the Jewish Kaballah, the separation between human beings and the Infinite is in three layers, called veils of negativity or, by some scholars, locks.  Much of life effort is on lifting these veils or finding the keys to the locks.

I prefer the veil terminology to locks.  I don’t think we are locked out, only that seeing is not clear.

It is said that the reason the Jews hold their Sabbath on Friday evening until Saturday evening, is that the Kaballah teaches that that period is when the veils between us and God are thinnest and most transparent, so the vision and understanding of the GodForce is easiest.

I like the concept of three layers.  Picture with me that each individual has three veils around him or her, that keep from clear vision.  And that it is possible to thin or remove those veils between us and God, by our unfolding in life.  The result is vision that is clearer and brighter.

the Kaballah and clouds and veils that keep us from seeing the GodForce clearly

the Kaballah and clouds and veils that keep us from seeing the GodForce clearly

Peeling Back or Thinning
the Veils

Veils are like layers of an onion…you’ve probably known people, perhaps even you, who have had childhood trauma of some sort.

Over the years, they have had therapy or other healing of some of the trauma and its impact on their lives.  Yet layers of impact remain, don’t they?

I think of the veils that cloud our perception of Infinite Intelligence as similar to this.

They need to be peeled back for clearer vision and understanding.

The first veil is Repression of God-awareness.

We spend many years suppressing the childlike confidence in our impressions and awareness that we used to have, when we were young and innocent.  Perhaps someone said Get Real in some way to you. How many of us had an imaginary friend when we were children, that we were told at some point was only imaginary?

How many had ideas pop into your head that you used to pursue, but then later learned not to, since that pursuit was not on the schedule someone made up, or according to the lesson to be learned that day.

Have you learned to suppress ideas and information that pop into your head.  Perhaps someone tells you of a circumstance in their lives, and you have a possible solution pop into your head.  Rather than saying what you just thought, you keep silent.  After all, you haven’t been trained as a counselor.  You haven’t had that particular experience.  So you don’t trust your ideas as valid and don’t share them.

Then you take a risk.  You share an idea you have.  It has a tremendous life-altering impact on the other person.  You get encouraged to listen to your inner guidance and wisdom.

imagination and knowing and hearing the voice and wisdom of the GodForce

imagination and knowing and hearing the voice and wisdom of the GodForce

Circumstances like this help to lift the first veil.

Perhaps you have been filled with a desire to bring healing or some other solution to a situation.  When you call upon your inner wisdom, you come up with ideas that help.

This kind of experience is not only gratifying, but it tends to open us up to risking a bit more.  Little by little we become more open to paying attention to those prods in our minds, or from something we read, or hear on TV.

I call this – and I am most definitely not in the minority! – promptings from the GodForce or Infinite Intelligence.

You see, Infinite Intelligence is complete and total and unconditional Love.  It created us and others in the universe so that It can pour out Its Love.

There is nothing that gives It more fulfillment and pleasure than giving solutions and ideas to those It loves, and have them share what they learn with others.  It is eager to be able to communicate more and more clearly with us, so that our giving and receiving of Love can grow and develop.

This first veil thinning is exactly why Infinite Intelligence passes on the information to us!

When we grow in confidence in the accuracy and reality of the communication of wisdom and love, we make progress on removing that first veil.

That takes us into discussion of the Second Veil.

being open to giving and receiving love, wisdom and help

being open to giving and receiving love, wisdom and help

The second layer is being open to receiving Love.

Most of us are ready to give to others.  We take pleasure in giving to others but it can be hard to receive back again.  And even harder to receive when we have not first given!

Think of this scenario…a man comes home to visit his mom that he hasn’t seen in a few months.  She prepares all his favorite foods for him.  What does he do?  He eats!  And eats!

Even if he has eaten recently and isn’t hungry, he eats.  Even if he is on a diet, he eats.  Why?

Because he knows his mom loves him and is happy to see him.  He knows this is one way she wants to show that love.  And he shows love back to her by eating and enjoying the food she has prepared.  She gives and he receives.

He can do this because he is confident of being loved by her.  He doesn’t have any problem of being ego-burdened with feeling unworthy of her love.  He can freely receive it.

I recently had an operation from which recovery was long and painful.  I was almost overwhelmed with love and well-wishes and flowers and help from many, many people.  It was been affirming, and took me into deeper appreciation of this truth of being able to receive.

I get how very much it helps me, and also how much pleasure my friends and loved ones have in giving to me.

Learning to receive helps to thin that second veil.  Our Creator is eager to give more and more love to us.  When we pour out that love to others we open ourselves to more.  When we allow ourselves to receive that love from others, we are also giving in that we are allowing them the joy of giving too.

The more we give by giving, and give by receiving, the more we open up our capacity to receive the Love, Wisdom and Knowledge from Infinite Intelligence.  It’s the Law of Supply and Demand and the Law of Compensation at work.

We become more like the GodForce when we learn to give and receive Love, Healing, Wisdom and Help.  The veil thins.

Being responsible for our part in the whole helps lift the third veil

Being responsible for our part in the whole helps lift the third veil

Part of this is realizing it’s not all about me.

When we get others-minded, we grow more and more into the Wisdom and Knowledge and Love of the GodForce.  Being others-minded is not just about people, is it?  We are part of a community, a planet and a universe.

As we grow into understanding that we are a part of a whole, we grow in respect and love and care for our Earth, for animals, for other people.  We may recycle.  We may fight World Hunger.  We may pray for World Peace.  There are an infinite number of ways we can express this growing awareness.

To begin to lift this third veil, awareness of the impact our actions and attitudes have on others grows.  We learn not to hold on to grudges or anger.  We learn there is nothing there to hold onto…it is just a story in our heads.  It does no good for us or for others.

Instead we can learn to let such attitudes go.  We can learn to take responsibility for bad actions and say “I’m sorry” and “I love you”.

We can live a better way.  We can set an example and we can have the integrity of behavior to teach others.

Think for a moment about Spiritual Masters- Jesus, Ghandi, Buddah, Mohammed, Moses.  For them, the veils were lifted, weren’t they?  They learned and practiced drawing close to Spirit or Infinite Intelligence.  Some believe they are a God themselves.  For me, we all have God presence within us, and all have the capacity to lift the veils and draw closer to Spirit.  Whatever your belief system, llifting the veils

  1. by opening ourselves,
  2. by learning to give and receive love, and
  3. by acting lovingly and responsibly as a part of the whole,

will thin the veils that separate you from full knowledge and understanding of God and your life purpose.

How does this understanding of how to gain more clarity help you draw closer to God in your life walk?    Please share your experience!

Love and blessings,




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  • May 7, 2018

    Hello, I so did enjoy reading this article. And it is true. We do live in a state of separation as long as we make the choice to not see and live in our own connection.
    And there is a reason why people are not supposed to study Kabbalah until they are over forty, because it is incubating time of gaining the true knowing and understanding .
    Opening ourselves to the total committment of giving love and yet accepting love is the mastery of being in the present without any veils Yes?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • May 7, 2018

      Hi Ariel,
      I so appreciate your visiting and commenting. I can see clearly how much you have already learned and grown in understanding and connection with the GodForce. How wonderful it is, isn’t it? To draw closer to Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Love? We do seek that mastery, yes.
      Love and blessings,

  • Craig
    May 7, 2018

    There are no veils between us and God. The only thing that stands between us and God is sin and there is a way to remove that separation through faith in Jesus. God reveals himself to us clearly in the Bible but, because of sin in their lives many people refuse to acknowledge Him. Many prefer to hold on to their sin or sinful lifestyle so they rely on their own wisdom or some other person that professes to know the “secret” to knowing whatever they call their gods. There is only one God and he is clearly revealed in the Bible to all who honestly search for him, He can be found. If you pray to Him and ask Him to reveal himself clearly He will.

    • May 7, 2018

      Hi Craig,
      I get and respect your belief system. I am really glad it works for you. I know there are many who think what they believe is the only way and the only truth. I have no problem with them believing that, and living that. You may be one. For me, I feel growing into all God means for us to be, by whatever means works for us, is the way it should be for that individual. I celebrate that you have found yours.
      Love and blessings,

  • May 8, 2018

    Wow, this was a ‘deep’ article, Lorraine. I so enjoyed the nuances and the possible interpretations of thoughts. Some of your thoughts I can relate to, with some, it is a new path. I am also of a spiritual mindset and I totally agree with you the main points –
    ‘by opening ourselves,
    by learning to give and receive love, and
    by acting lovingly and responsibly as a part of the whole’
    These are basic principles that anyone can relate to despite ‘beliefs’.
    Thanks for being bold and sending your message.

    • May 8, 2018

      Hi Michelle,
      We each have our own path to walk to grow into what we have potential to become. Thank you for sharing your response to what Spirit has shown me. It may show you some of the same and some other truths. I’m good with that. We call Spirit Infinite Intelligence for a reason! No one of us or group of us is going to grasp the totality of that Infinite, are we?
      As we share what is revealed to us, it can open new paths and ways of thinking for others. But not for all….we are so individual!
      Thanks for visiting!
      Love and blessings,

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