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How and Why to Ask for Spiritual Protection

Mediumship Development and Practice- The Three P's of Mediumship

How and Why to Ask for Spiritual Protection

Ask for spiritual protection and the good of all concerned when communicating with Spirit

Ask for spiritual protection and the good of all concerned when communicating with Spirit

Ask for Spiritual Protection When Communicating with Spirits

What we want in communicating with the Spirit world is the highest and best for all concerned, and that none be harmed.  How and why to ak for Spiritual protection is an important lesson in Spiritualism.

Not that there are any demons, despite superstitious belief systems that promote that idea.  But there can be capricious beings, both here and in the hereafter.  Remember that many spirits lived here on earth, and have their own personalities and growth patterns.

Spiritualim believes and affirms that there are many spirits which lived in physical bodies here on the earth plane.  They were, as we are, not perfect.  Spiritualists affirm that the doorway to redemption is never closed to anyone, living here or in the hereafter.  We believe that growth, learning and redemption from errors continues after the change called death.

What that means is that there is always hope for all souls to learn and become closer to Infinite Intelligence.  It also means that most are not there yet.  Some are still low level entities from whom we want to protect ourselves and our spirit side.  We need to set up boundaries and safe zones in Spirituality just as we do in our every day physical lives.


An invocation is inviting spirit presence to be with you or with a group.  The invocation sets the energy in the room, and also the intention for communication with the Spirit world.

Part of the invocation intention should be something like our initial sentence, that the intention is for the highest and best for all concerned, that no harm be done.  It is important to ask for spiritual protection in the invocation.

Another aspect is what specific kind of communication you are seeking:  healing, inspirational thoughts, solutions to a problem, moving a trumpet around the room, bringing a person’s dead people forward.  That way, the spirits who specialize in the intention can line up what is needed to meet your request.

An invocation like this sets things in balance so nothing can run amok.  It lines things up in order so spiritual manifestations can happen:  messages from loved ones, healing, inspirational thinking and speaking, and physical mediumship.

tree of life from old gravestone

tree of life from old gravestone

Tree of Life

At the head of the Tree of Life is God, or Infinite Intelligence, as the GodForce is called in Spiritualism.  The tree then branches down on two sides, one being the female mother energy and the other the male energy.

Pagans, like Wickens, use only the mother side of the Tree of Life, as they invoke Mother Earth.  Some new age religions are incorporating the male side by calling God Mother-Father God.  The Christian religion calls upon the male energy, ignoring the female.  All these are missing the central energy which is neither male nor female, but Infinite Intelligence.

Part of being protected spiritually is to be in balance.  At the base of the tree of life is Malkuth, often appearing as a young woman at the base of the pillar on the earth plane.  When this is off balance, we lose power and access up the pillar to Infinite Intelligence.  If it is in balane, we can communicate up the pillar to the GodForce.

When we put a thought or intention out into the Universe, it goes up the pillar and then has to come back all the way down through the three centers to the fourth and lowest center of the pillar, the earth plane where we are.

More About Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is a manifestation of spiritual activity that can be seen by everyone in the room.  It may be a table tipping or a lampshade moving.  I’ve seen hair growing on bald heads in pictures on the wall, or people in pictures growing younger and more alive.  Right now I’ve been working a lot on trumpet mediumship, with the intention that the trumpet will move independently around the room and have direct voice.

When it happens I’ll be writing about it.

I really like both forms of mediumship.  In recent years, there has been a bit of a coming back of physical.  For almost a century the emphasis has been on the mental form.  In the preceeding century, and especially since the great awakening with the Fox sisters in 1848, there were a great deal of physical phenonema.

I’m having fun learning and playing with Spirit with visible phenomena.  They are individual beings and like to play too.  They also like to use all their talents and abilities to reveal themselves to us, so that we can grow closer and closer to Infinite Intelligence.

That’s one of their central purposes, to help us grow in awareness of the Spirit world so that we can better align our lives for our highest and best good.

I – and the others in the room at the times – have seen physical bodies manifest in the room.

Mental mediumship, or evidential messaging, is attested to by the recipient as the evidence clearly proves who the individual spirit is.  With physical mediumship, the proof is that the people in the room all witness the manifestation.

When a spirit manifests something physical it creates a substance called ectoplasm.  The spirits use water from our bodies to create ectoplasm, so part of our spiritual preparedness and protection is to have and drink plenty of water when doing physical mediumship.

time to say goodbye, send us with blessings, and talk with you later

time to say goodbye, send us with blessings, and talk with you later

Closing Up the Playdate

It’s very important to close the connection when the communication time is over.  That’s a part of spiritual protection too.

I’ve known people who remain open all the time.  They see things.  They see spirits around everyone in the grocery store.  They feel the vibrations of illness and need from everyone around them.

The result:  they are sick and weak in their bodies.  They are exhausted and fail to sleep well.

They are not protecting themselves.  They’re living half in and half out of a spirit world, but are still in their bodies.  We’re not meant to live like that.  Work (or play) when you work, and stop when you’re finished with a session.

A closing is a benediction.  When we give messages, the benediction is a simple I leave you with the love and blessing of Spirit.  When someone sits in a healing chair, the benediction is much the same.  When you finish podium work as a medium, your benediction is to thank Spirit and the congregation for allowing you to serve.

To close a circle or a church service, we also use a benediction.  It is a thanking of Spirit for being there, and a thank you to the congregants for being there.  Then it is a giving out of energy for all to leave and go forth with the energy and protection of Spirit in their lives.

Love and blessings,





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