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Mediumship Practice and Mediumship Development

feeling of presence of someone who has passed

Mediumship Practice and Mediumship Development

Mediumship Development and Practice

Mediumship Development and Practice

The Three P’s of Mediumship

This is designed to be an introductory article on the 3 P’s of Mediumship…I have an eBook you can get with more detailed information, if you’re hungry for more!

I’m going to talk about the Three P’s of Mediumship Practice and Mediumship Development in this article, and the vibrational energies each requires.  The three P’s are Private Readings, Public Demonstrations and Platform Work.

First a few general comments about growing your skills in giving Spirit messages.   Today there are psychics and mediums everywhere.  There is also a ton of training offered, some at very high prices.  Some can get pretty convoluted.

One thing…avoid promises of instantaneous development!

Spirit Relationships take time to build and deepen.  Take the time with Infinite Intelligence to prepare for your work to bring messages forward.

Psychic?  Mediumship?

Something else I want to bring up is that there is both a psychic and a spiritual side to getting input from and for others.  Psychic comes from the physical or earthly plane while Spiritual information comes from the energies of the non-physical world.

attunement to spirit is the first step in mediumship

attunement to spirit is the first step in mediumship

Attunement is First

The spirit world operates on a higher vibrational plane than the physical.  When you operate as a medium, you raise your vibration to reach out to the spiritual.  At the same time those in the spirit world lower their vibrational energy to connect with you.  You then share the information you get from that connection.

In Spiritualism, we call this attunement.  Before practicing any messaging, the first step is to attune yourself.  This is something totally and completely within you.  No one can do it for you.  You raise your vibration, your soul senses to connect your higher self with the spirit world.

Let me contrast this with Reiki, for instance.  With Reiki, you give healing energies from your body and ability to your sitter or client.

With Spiritual Healing, a form of mediumship, you act as a channel for energies from the spirit world to your sitter.  The energy is not from you, but from Spirit.

Private Readings

For a private reading, you need to first be attuned and ready to work.  Then make sure of the time and place.

Ready to start?

Welcome your sitter and make sure he or she is comfortable, emotionally and mentally.

You’ll want to tell your sitter how you work…  Let him know how you get communication.

Tell him you’re his operator, plugging in a connection for him to Spirits who want to communicate with him.

Ask him if he’s ok with all that?  When he says yes, that releases an allowing for the connection, so it’s an important part of mediumship.

Be Authentic!  And Don’t Allow Dependency

Always be respectful to your sitter.

You may want to close by opening up to some questions in the last few minutes.  Don’t allow  questions as you’re reading.  You’ll break your connection and end up talking more with your sitter and his psychic energies than with his spirits.

Help them learn how to go on living with grief or challenges.

Sure you want to help…you really need to help your sitters learn to help themselves.

Public demonstration or mediumship gallery presentation

Public demonstration or mediumship gallery presentation

Public Demonstrations of Mediumship

Public demonstrations are the second of the Three P’s.  They are often called Galleries.

First, you’re going to want to get attuned and ready to work, about a half-hour before.

Then make sure you understand the styles of spirit greetings used at the event.  There are two different approaches:  direct and indirect messaging.

Maybe you’ve heard of that?

Indirect messaging is where you get a connection with someone in Spirit and then find who it’s for.  With direct, you go directly to the person for whom you identifiy a spirit presence with a message.

For me and my fellow Spiritualists, the purposes of mediumship are to convey love and comfort, and to prove the continuity of life.

As long as that goal is achieved, I’m not too concerned with the methodology.  The important thing is giving clear evidence of the spirit.  As you get more experienced, it is good to get a few more, again proving for the recipient who that person is that is coming through for him.

With a public demonstration, you are putting on a performance for an audience.  Make sure to be confident and to smile.  Speak clearly so everyone can hear you.  Make eye contact with audience members, just as in any public speaking.

Mini Readings or Greetings

Once you’ve given evidence of the spirit’s identity and know who your recipient is, whether you’re going direct or indirect, you follow with the message.

Spirits come through for a reason.   They may have words of comfort for a bereaved, or advice or thoughts about something the recipient is going through or working on or making a decision about.  They came through for a reason,and the medium’s job is to transmit that message with a mini-reading.

Make sure not to relay messages about private matters.  

Boundaries and Self-Control

Your messaging is under your responsibility and control.  You tell your gatekeeper how you will be working, that you need evidence and a clear message.  You tell them that you’ll be doing a public demonstration and what you’ll be needing from them to do your work.  Part of your mediumship development and practice of mediumship is exercising your responsibility and your self-control.

A boundary violation might be to piggy-back on the message and connection from another medium.  It can very well be that you sense the connection that medium is having.  Instead of taking that connection and adding to the medium’s message, just send your vibrational support to the medium.  Then when she is done, break that connection.

The other thing I want to re-emphasize is how important it is not to remain open all the time.  Open up and work when you’re working, and close the connection when you’re not.

Serving from the platform in a service is a sacred duty

Serving from the platform in a service is a sacred duty

Platform Work of Mediumship

Platform work is my favorite way to practice my mediumship.

With platform work, there are some big differences I want to point out  These differences feed the vibrational level for you and for the room.

With platform, you’re in a church or service setting.  You’re not performing, you’re serving.  The people present are not your audience, they’re your congregation.  Their vibrational energy enhances yours, and vice-versa.

Be sure to attune yourself and be ready to serve.  Remember this is a religious service.  Follow along and participate fully in the service.  Doing that will raise your vibrational energies.

You’ll want to keep your messages to 3-5 minutes each, with clear evidence and a clear message.

Be sure thank the church and Spirit for being able to be of service.

Mediumship is a Sacred Service

Whatever setting you’re in, always keep in mind that mediumship is a sacred service.  You serve Infinite Intelligence to bring awareness and knowledge and connection with the spirit world to your recipients, whether they are in a private reading, a public demonstration or a church service with platform work.

The purpose of the connection that you bring for them, is to help them with grief or give them counsel from the other side.

Mediumship Development comes with spending time with Infinite Intelligence and your guides in meditation, and with practice.  It takes time to develop all your potential.  Our churches have training, Mediumship Development Circles and teaching, and Spiritual Unfolding opportunities.

To find a church or camp near you, go to the NSAC Directory.

Join us. 

Be sure to get your eBook on Mediumship Development and Practice – the Three P’s

The Reverend Stacy Kopchinski is an Ordained Minister in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  She also holds cerfications from NSAC as a National Spiritualist Teacher, a Certifed Medium and a Commissioned Spiritualist Healer.  As of this writing, she is the Director of the Missionary Department for the NSAC, President of the Licentiate Minister/Certified Medium Society, Trustee for the Ministerial Association, and active member of the NST Club and Healers League.  

Stacy was on the committee for the 2017 NSAC Convention serving in church services during that time as well as past conventions.  

Stacy is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly and ISF.

She has served at many NSAC churches and camps throughout the country and is currently Co-Pastor at First Spiritualist Church of West Allis, Wisconsin where she has been an active member for many years serving on the Board of Directors as well as many other committees.

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