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Spirit-Inspired Writing, Automatic Writing: Types and How To’s

Spirit-Inspired Writing, Automatic Writing: Types and How To’s

Spirit-inspired writing, or automatic writing is gaining interest all over the internet as people today are turning more and more to the inner spirit life and their relationship to it.

Inspiration is a Word We Need to Use More

I believe we are operate out of inspiration a lot more than we consciously realize.

  • We get ideas to help someone when we hear a problem they have
  • We come up with a tweak on some mechanical device to make it work better
  • We speak words that meet the needs of the listener, without even knowing what need exists for them
  • We do write in ways and with ideas that are new to us

I think being inspired comes much more frequently than we realize.  I think inspiration is pretty commonplace, and the word needs to be mainstreamed!

What is Spirit-Inspired Writing, or Automatic Writing?

First, let me say that I like to break things down so I can do my Type-A personality analysis on it.  I like to use my full skeptic abilities to make sure what I see or do is authentic.

I have no interest in investing myself in something I just want to believe!

I want to see it, smell it, hear it, taste it and feel it..then I’ll believe it’s true.

That’s one reason I love physical mediumship.

When phenonema happen, and everyone in the room sees the same thing that’s believable.

Some friends of mine a week ago were holding circle and a lampshade started to vibrate so that it was rocking and moving back and forth.  Everyone saw it happen.  When the circle was closed, they touched the shade to make sure it wasn’t just loose on the lamp.  It was so tight they couldn’t get it to budge a bit.

That’s believable!

My analytical brain tells me to break it down into three types:  inspired, automatic and independent.

I’m going to go through these three types and describe them for you.  I’m going to tell you how you can tell whether what you’re producing is spirit-inspired writing or not.  I’m going to give you some people from history with links to the internet for examples, and I’m going to give you some ideas to practice it on your own so you can build your receptivity to this form of  communication from Infinite Intelligence through your guides.

Inspirational Writing

Inspirational writing is the first type I want to discuss.  It happens most frequently, and often quite naturally, without a lot of practice first.  Practice and intention will make it better, of course.

I really believe in setting intentions.  When we tell our minds and our spirit guides what we want to achieve, what our intention is, that helps everyone cooperate toward a common goal, both on the earth plane and in the spirit world.

How can you tell if something you’ve written is a communication from our GodForce?  Let me list some things you may look for, and then amplify them:

  1. Your use of “I” to share ideas
  2. Slamming on the brakes on what you thought you were going to write about
  3. Brilliant new idea pops in

The use of “I” may be a sign that you are writing not from research you’ve done, but from personalized ideas channeled to your brain from Spirit.

By slamming on the brakes, let me explain with a story:  you and a friend are having a conversation about which of the natural laws is more important, the law of gravity of the law of vibration.  You both put forward thoughtful intelligent fact-based arguments, and end up agreeing to disagree.  You drive home and the car in front of you stops suddenly.  You slam on your brakes and avoid a collision.  You see that as a wonderful analogy for the importance of the law of gravity and complete your trip home to write about it.

Then you begin to write, and you end up seeing how the law of vibration was at work and write about that instead.  That’s Spirit-inspired writing!

The third example you may find in your life is when you’re in meditation and you get a really great idea, and you write about it.  Or you awaken from sleep with a new idea.  Those would be spirit-inspired writing too.

Instances like these help to build our trust of hearing from the non-physical world and from Infinite Intelligence.

One way to practice is on your own or with a group, pick a folded-up piece of paper with a word you can’t see.  Set your intention, hold it and then write a phrase or sentence about it.

I suggest doing this 1-2 times a week.  You may even try asking your guides to show you something of the future, something about the world or something personal.  Ask for details and dates.

A very famous spirit-inspired writer of this type was Nostradamous.  Most of his writings weren’t published until after his death, so we can follow his example and just keep our inspirations to ourselves.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is less conscious.  The vibration from Spirit gets more active.  A medium is involved, and it is less common.

Again setting your intention with your guides is important.

The best way I can explain what this is, is to give you an example with Lenora Piper, a very famous medium from around 1900.  She would sit in a circle with pens in both hands, and paper to write on.  Then while talking in the circle, both hands would write about other subjects unrelated to the conversation going on.  She was aware that she was writing, but not of what was being written.

Things to look for or expect with automatic writing are

  • different handwriting and language
  • run-on words and sentences, not dotting i’s and crossing t’s
  • a continuous flow – not going back for editing

Another example is J V Mansfield, the Spiritual Postmaster.  He would receive hundreds of letters daily from people wanting to connect with loved ones.  Without opening the letters, he would respond, attuned with Spirit, then post both letters back to the sender.  There were frequent testimonies that the letters he wrote were in the loved one’s handwriting, using the person’s phrasing and vocabulary, and language.

A way to practice is to take a pen in your non-writing hand, and hold it over a piece of paper.  Attune with Spirit and set your intention, and see what happens.  Whatever happens, is.  Remember, it takes practice!

Independent Writing

Independent writing is a true physical mediumship phenomena.  It is writing without human touch.

William Stainton Moses was an example of an independent writer.  What he did was to have two slates or chalkboards, held together with a string, with a piece of chalk between them.  Then during a meditation, with intention, while the slates were untouched and simply resting on a table or under a chair, writing would appear that the sitters would find following the close of the circle.

Robin Foy and the Scole Experiment is another example from recent times.  Here writing appeared on pieces of film during group meditations.  Yo can find pictures on the internet.

For an exercise, I have at my home a planchette that I set up with intention when I meditate. It’s a phenomena I look forward to producing evidence.  To date, I’ve been witness to some phenomena in circles which have gathered and set intention for years, but have not yet produced any with my own guides.   Someday….

Like all Spirit communication, writing is to give evidential proof of the reality of the other world, so that we are drawn closer to Infinite Intelligence.  I invite you to practice and share what experiences you’ve had with spirit-inspired writing.

Love and blessings,


he Reverend Stacy Kopchinski is an Ordained Minister in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.  She also holds cerfications from NSAC as a National Spiritualist Teacher, a Certifed Medium and a Commissioned Spiritualist Healer.  As of this writing, she is the Director of the Missionary Department for the NSAC, President of the Licentiate Minister/Certified Medium Society, Trustee for the Ministerial Association, and active member of the NST Club and Healers League.  

Stacy was on the committee for the 2017 NSAC Convention serving in church services during that time as well as past conventions.  

Stacy is a member of the Lily Dale Assembly and ISF.

She has served at many NSAC churches and camps throughout the country and is currently Co-Pastor at First Spiritualist Church of West Allis, Wisconsin where she has been an active member for many years serving on the Board of Directors as well as many other committees.



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  • December 7, 2018

    Besides “ethereal visions” or “magnetic auras”, Fernando Pessoa claimed to have experienced automatic writing. He said he felt “owned by something else”, sometimes feeling a sensation in the right arm he claimed was lifted into the air without his will.
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