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The Benefits of Methods of Spiritual Healing

The Benefits of Methods of Spiritual Healing

There are many methods of spiritual healing that have been used over the millennia.  They all share the common attributes of seeking healing on a spiritual level for ailments that may be felt in the body or psyche.

benefits of spiritual, emotional and physical healing flow throught the hands of the healing medium

benefits of spiritual, emotional and physical healing flow throught the hands of the healing medium

Methods of Spiritual Healing Work WITH Physical and Mental Healing

Some teachings in our world would indicate that turning to God, or Infinite Intelligence as we call God in Spiritualism, precludes also seeking medical and/or psychological help for ailments. These teachings sometimes say that going to a doctor is showing lack of faith, and that healing comes only with faith.

This is most certainly not the case with Spiritualism.  More healing exists as a Trinity of Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

Spiritualists believe that all Intelligence comes from the Infinite Intelligence, and that the wisdom that we find on the earth plane was sourced with God.  Therefore, medical know-how is a gift from the Divine.  It is not a matter of faith, that healing comes, but a matter of science.

Here on the earthplane, we discover the science of the Universe…we learn the Natural Laws that govern all that is.  As we discover (not invent!) these truths, we gain knowledge that has always been there, waiting for discovery.  It makes sense to employ that wisdom on the earthly plane as well as the Infinite source of all love and healing on the spiritual plane.

They work together.

a story of a spiritual healing opened my eyes to the exciting possibilities

a story of a spiritual healing opened my eyes to the exciting possibilities

My Story About Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a subject that has intrigued, drawn and excited me from a very young age.  I have had the enormous privilege of having ‘healing hands’ over the years, as evidenced by testimony of relief from pain for friends and family, and healing of strep throats and ear-aches for my children when they were young.

Perhaps you’ve heard of miraculous healings that people have had?

I remember one time many years ago, in a church where a woman shared that, while lying in a hospital bed at night prior to a surgery scheduled for the next morning, she felt a burning sensation in her chest.  In the morning, the surgery was cancelled because the lump was gone.

I have no idea of the medical diagnosis that took place for her at that time.  What I do know, is the story gave me evidence of the reality of spiritual healing…it was the beginning of a curiosity and desire to know more about methods of spiritual healing and the loving force of a God who would impart such benefit to mankind.

One time, a number of years later, I was administering healing energy in a meeting, where Spirit had told me to my innermost ear that people were to be healed of bone injuries that day.  I prayed for a woman who had a lump on her hand, and it disappeared as I prayed and laid hands on her.

Balanced knowledge helped me grow in comfort with methods of spiritual healing

Balanced knowledge helped me grow in comfort with methods of spiritual healing

It actually frightened me!

What I lacked in those early days was a complete understanding of what was happening to me and to them.  With my family and friends, I was just thankful to God that healing took place.  With the incident with the woman’s lump, I became frightened and unsure.  I did not know what was happening, or where the healing came from.

I became afraid that I would misuse this power, that I could be carried away with how special I was or some such thing.  I knew of people on TV who were getting rich and famous while using spiritual healing energies, and did not want to misrepresent God or become full of myself.  I walked away, except with my family.

When I found Spiritualism, I became comfortable, even joyful, about the spiritual healing that takes place here on our earthplane.  In fact, it was the fact of the healing meditations that drew me to Spiritualism in the first place.

i have gained a solid foundation in the methods of spiritual healing, based on history and scientific evidence, that is found in our Religion, as  I have been studying and reading about spiritual healers, from earliest man to our founders to those who have come forward more recently.

spiritual development is a lifelong process

spiritual development is a lifelong process

I have a lot more personal unfolding to do, in healing and in growing toward the source of all love.

I find there are methods of spiritual healing that work for others, that may not be applicable for me… I really am not comfortable with my living the way Edgar Cayce or Arigo did.  I read books on them and so many others.  Their lives and work does not ring for me personally, and that is OK.

I doubt that I will operate in that level of healing…each person has very particular and special purposes here, to further their growth and unfolding.  I know I don’t want to limit Spirit and my own development by putting constraints on what I can do, yet I trust my guides to draw me in the appropriate directions for me.  I am trusting that Spirit will show me where to do, what to do and the best plan as I continue to develop.

For me, I am more comfortable with Harry Edwards. ( I would love to become a new Harry Edwards).

I am hungry to take a healing chair and have my healing guides send through me the transformational energy for healing that makes a huge difference for the person who sits in the chair.

I love to conduct a healing service where that energy is going through each of our healers and each person in the congregation.    As the healing energy channels through me, I feel energized and privileged that I have the opportunity to allow it to flow outward to our congregation.

Even so, to some here in the United States, methods of spiritual healing are spooky, scary or lack reality…

I noticed in reading about Arigo how open many in Brazil are, even in the scientific community, to work side by side with spiritual healers.

Spiritual, Medical and Emotional Healing are a Trinity of Resources

Spiritual, Medical and Emotional Healing are a Trinity of Resources

I ask, how do we get more open in our country and practices?

I believe that the very best that can happen for those in need, is for science and spiritualists to coordinate, with mutual respect and research.

I am hopeful that we move more and more toward eliminating both spiritual fraud, and also medicines that poison or do nothing for the majority rather than heal.  The abuses of the wisdom that comes from the Divine do sometimes exist.  Seeking power or money can add impurity to understanding and implementing more and more of Natural Laws of healing.

A Balance of knowledge and practices that will benefit many, simultaneously leading them to a greater awareness of the true loving relationship we have with Infinite Intelligence, is what the purpose of all healing is, in my opinion.

Do you seek healing?  I encourage you to visit your local Spiritualist church for healing energies from the Divine.  It’s not a replacement for medical help, by any means, but a great triune healing combination with mental and physical wellness.

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