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The Magic Access of Meditation and Spiritual Connection

The Magic Access of Meditation and Spiritual Connection

meditation and spiritual connection give you access to Infinite Intelligence

meditation and spiritual connection give you access to Infinite Intelligence

How to Have the Access for Meditation and Spiritual Connection

Let’s begin with the reason why we want the connection with Spirit through meditation.  Meditation as a practice isn’t an end in itself.  I mean, being able to say,” I am a Meditator” is not the goal here.

The purpose is to gain access to Spirit through meditation and spiritual connection with the power and love and intelligence of the universe and harness it to help you with your best possible life.

What is your goal?

Is it more peace and calm in your life?  You can get relief from stress by learning to meditate.

Is it emotional, physical or spiritual healing?  You can obtain healing with meditation, studies show.

Is it getting answers to questions you have?  With meditation, you can allow the Universe and the Supreme Being, whatever you name it, to give you guidance and wisdom.  Some think this comes from an outside Infinite Intelligence.  Some reject the idea of anything beyond themselves, yet still get wisdom and answers through meditation.

Is it a sense of connectedness with the Universe that you seek?  That is available to you with meditation.

meditation is not a religion it is a spiritual connection with Source as you define it

meditation is not a religion it is a spiritual connection with Source as you define it

Meditation is NOT a Religion

There are a lot of teachings in many religious cultures and practices about how to have a connection of meditation correctly.  Many of these have become rules and regulations.

Personally, I reject the rules and regs.  For me, they are manmade and unnecessary, even limiting.  At the same time, I will attest that following a set of rules and procedures works really well for some people.

I’m not making a new rule here, that you have to reject rules!  Do what works for you , within your belief system and your culture.

The goal is individual, as discussed earlier.  The method you use is yours to develop or to follow, and is your choice, too.

cds for guided meditationGuided Meditations

Meditation is so effective, proven scientifically over and over again, that a huge meditation industry has sprung up.  Where there is a need, and a solution, with benefits, people have the opportunity to make money.  It’s certainly happening with meditation.

Guided meditations may be useful from time to time for folks.  But please be wary of the sales pitches!

Even hospitals are selling CD’s of guided meditation to help healing.  It’s big business.  Don’t buy a CD for everything you want to meditate or think about!

Big Business is really good at selling you on the need to buy their particular product.  When you have pain, or illness, or are desperately seeking wisdom and knowledge, you can become an easy mark for the sales pitch.

3 Advantages to Learning How to Do It Yourself

joy in life with spirit with the connection of meditation

joy in life with spirit with the connection of meditation

There are three advantages to learning to meditate on your own that I want to discuss.  You can generate your own connection of meditation to access Infinite Intelligence!

One of them is saving your money.  But this isn’t the biggest advantage!

One huge advantage is your independence and freedom.  You can choose and focus on what you want to meditate about when you do it yourself.  The techniques of meditation will work for you, whatever your focus is on a particular day.  If you learn how to meditate, you will be able to choose any subject you want at any time, without going out to get another CD.

Something comes up in your life, or a question pops into your head, and you can spontaneously meditate on it without searching for the right CD.  You can go directly and independently to the Source for answers.

A third is that when you own how to meditate, you can go into brief meditations at any time during the day or night.

meditation can help you with finding peace in times of stress

meditation can help you with finding peace in times of stress

A stressful situation comes up during your day, for instance.  You don’t have the time to get out your CD and sit down for 15-30 minutes to get calm and focused on a solution.

If you know how to meditate, you can do a quick check-in with your Source, however you define It.  You can restore your calm and even get an inspiration on how to ameliorate the situation right then and there.

What that means is that you can have control over your environment and your emotional responses right in the moment.  Can you see how valuable the quick connection of meditation can be?

set aside a time and space for meditation

set aside a time and space for meditation

Meditation Primer for a Beginner

Set aside a time and space for you to begin.  It should be comfortable and free of distractions.  There are no rules about how to sit or lay down, or what kind of lighting you need.

Choose a focus for your thoughts.  It can be a favorite piece of music that you really get into.  It can be a candle flame.  It can be waves at the ocean, or sunlight glistening in the trees.  It can be your breathing,  paying attention to drawing your breath in, holding it and letting it back out.

Take one subject at a time.  One particular question you have.  One aspect of healing you are seeking. If you have others, take a break with your meditation and do another one, to seek out answers on a second or third question or situation.

It is best not to split the spiritual energy.  It’s like playing flutes and trumpets at the same time.  It can get too noisy , with too much information.  Focus on one subject allows more clarity from your Spirit Source.

What if you fall asleep?  That’s a good thing.  That’s a sign that you are on a different plane with your mental focus.

meditation gets better and easier with practice

meditation gets better and easier with practice

Know that meditation gets better with practice.  At first, you may want to set aside 5 or 10 minutes.  You may find that you want to build into longer experiences over time.  Remember that doesn’t invalidate quick multi-second connections of meditation throughout the day.

But having several minutes allows your Spirit Source to come through with inspiration and for you to recognize its being there.  Be patient and give yourself enough time.

If your thoughts wander during your meditation, notice what you are thinking about, watch those thoughts pass through your mind, and let them go.  This is not about being right or wrong, but about being present.

Keep in mind that great meditators like Buddha took many years to learn.  This is a lifelong growing process.  Meditation is not a goal in itself, but the means to connect.

What you are doing with meditation is connecting with Universal Energy, however you define that.  The energy that is both your own within you and the energy that is around you.  Your goal is to be able to harness and use that energy so that you can call upon it for wisdom and healing.

You are getting in touch with your higher self and with the Spiritual plane of the universe around you.  You are doing that by practicing focus and concentration.

group meditation sitting together has amplified power

group meditation sitting together has amplified power

Group Meditation

There is power of connection with a group of people.  The vibrations of each person adds to the whole, for exponential impact.

A group can be a circle, or a church congregation, or a universal collective consciousness.  You may see if you look, notices for a collective consciousness on the internet.  This is where a time worldwide is set for many to gather in meditation on a particular situation or focus.  People have been known to set alarms to get up at 3AM in New Zealand to meditate on world peace, for instance, joining with others all over the world.

Spiritualists meditate for healing at 7 PM each night, collectively, specifically for those who have made requests in their churches or through the National Spiritualist Association of Churches website.

Take a step today to unfold into your highest and best life.

What one focus will you choose today for meditation?

Love and blessings,


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  • May 6, 2018

    Hello Lorraine, I so did resonate with this article. And as always, its so lovely to visit your site.
    I am a big believer in meditation. I use it for my own healing, for finding answers and for changing my thinking. As well as times i just need to recharge.
    I often find myself going to the river or sitting in nature and fall into my meditative state or trance. Always when I come out of that space I am renewed and at complete peace.
    Many decades ago when I was teaching myself meditation, and thoughts kept coming up, I would literally use my fingers and pluck away those thoughts. It worked for me. So when I teach meditation I suggest people try that also.
    I am grateful that now meditation is becoming such an accepted modality. And I want it to be used in every school.
    Thanks for this great article.
    In peace and gratitude,ariel

    • May 7, 2018

      Hi Ariel,
      I so agree with you that we need to bring it to every school. Imagine what could happen if children from an early age all over the world learn how to access their higher selves and GodForce, whatever they want to name it! World peace, end to hunger. The possibilities astound!

  • May 7, 2018

    Hello Lorraine,
    Great article on meditation. Thanks for ‘defining’ it. We sometimes get so ‘caught up’ in what meditation is and is not, does and does not, that we miss the boat on it big time! Ideally, it is just a place of silence and connection – with yourself or doing it with others. You are so on the money in this article. I will share it with a few of my friends, it so easy to read and it sure does ‘take away’ the mystique associated with the world.
    Thanks so much.

    • May 7, 2018

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your comments and especially for sharing with others. That’s the purpose of this whole blog, to get these truths out to more and more people. Putting them into practice will help not only individual lives but also our lives as a collective whole here on the earth plane.

      I hope you’ll come back to visit often!
      Love and blessings,

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